Cheri L. McCracken ESQ, Attorney at Law
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About Cheri McCracken, Esq.

The Law Office of Cheri L. McCracken has the experience to help you. We know the law, and we pride ourselves on personalized attention. We have been serving clients throughout Arizona for more than 25 years in the following areas:

  • Personal Injury – If you have suffered personal injuries in an auto or other type of accident, we will work to hold the negligent party and insurance companies accountable. We will work hard to get you the total compensation you need for medical expenses, lost income and future care.
  • Real Estate Law – I enjoy handling small business and real estate transactions.
  • Family Law – I handle adoptions/guardianships as well as "grandparent custody" cases.
  • Special Children – I am familiar with the Arizona school system, and can help you create a plan that allows your special child to succeed in school. I have represented parents and children, and served as a surrogate parent.
  • Employment Law – If you feel you have been wrongfully terminated, or a victim of race, sex, age, disability or pregnancy discrimination at work, please use our contact form [link to the forthcoming intake form] to help us get back to you as quickly and efficiently as possible. Click here to visit the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) website
  • I also will conduct personnel investigations, give advice to business owners, and write or review employment contracts and non compete clauses.

I began practicing law in 1979 after graduating from the Arizona State University College of Law. I worked for various federal agencies and departments as an Attorney/Advisor before founding my solo practice in 1984.In addition to my years of trial experience, I have had numerous cases in the 9th Circuit Court. I also hold the highest Martindale-Hubbell rating available, an AV.

I enjoy two aspects of practicing law immensely. First is the ability to help solve problems and simply help people. The second is the immersion in areas and facts that I have not explored before. My practice has required me to explore everything from the effectiveness of fire sprinklers, to the proper compaction of dirt, to braking distances, to the USPSís definition of "a sense of urgency." I believe settlement negotiations should start with the first demand and the first phone call. However, a matter should be treated as if it is going to trial.