Cheri L. McCracken ESQ, Attorney at Law
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Personal Injury • Real Estate Law • Employment

My law firm tries to always remember the counseling in the phrase counselor-at-law. I not only advocate for you, but try to present you with realistic options and information. Legal problems are best viewed early and realistically.

Experienced Representation

I am Cheri McCracken, a lawyer practicing for 30 years. I am located in Phoenix, Arizona and serve clients across the state. My law practice tackles legal matters where your legal counsel can make a difference:

  • Personal Injury — Auto accidents, wrongful death claims, and other injuries. We provide free initial consultations for Personal Injury cases.
  • Employment Law — I charge $350 per hour including for initial consultations in this area. You will initially speak to a paralegal. Areas include: sexual harassment, race, gender, and age discrimination, disability, Federal government employees, FLSA, investigations, employment manuals, and advice to small employers.
  • Real Estate Law — Commercial transactions, litigation, and other real estate advice.
  • Family Law — Adoptions & guardianships, grandparent custody, and special needs school consultations.
  • Student Needs — Disabilities and accomodations. I have dealt with multiple schools of all ranges, public, private, or charter; pre-K all the way up to University.
  • Other — If you are experiencing legal problems and do not see them described here, or are unsure exactly what category they fall into, please don't hesitate to call us and discuss them.

While I will attempt to negotiate out-of-court solutions to your legal problems whenever possible, I will personally take cases to trial if necessary.

I provide a free initial consultation for personal injury and undertake them on a contingency fee. If you are injured, please contact me to make arrangements for your consultation. Call us at 602-231-0595 or use our online form. Consultations for all other case types are billed at the regular hourly rate. Please call for details.

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